New drummer

Pic "9.365, drum canceled" by Cèline Vignal

Hi everyone, guys. Modal Sound Trio got new man: Marco Del Bello is drumming with MST since May 2010. We hope next autumn we'll have live gigs with him.

Different roads, diffent choices: thanks Vittorino for being with us and for wonderful help that you gave to each one. See u soon.

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Try to explain

Modal Sound Trio try to explain the origin of the songs!

Tribal Bossa
The tune was written for a soundtrack commissioned to us for a western movie set in Rio de Janeiro, in which the hero was supposed to find his twin spirit during the Carnival period, riding his black stallion in the middle of thousands of dancers. Being the first commitment of our career we completely trusted this junk director addicted to Benzedrine and shoes-cleaner cream. Just one week of shooting after realising that he could not direct so many people and ask them to re-film some scenes. The director disappeared (it seems that he has become a priest in New Caledonia) and we were not paid for the music so we decided to include the tune in this cd.
Tribal Bossa was composed years ago after the first real steps into the Synth world. The result was a mix of bossa, “straight ahead” funk and tribal rhythms at the end of the tune recalling the old 30ies movies rolled in Africa or fake Africa describing the dance of native people around a fire during the night!!! Inspiration of the tune from the unbelievable Tribal Tech and Uzeb.

We decided to split up after our long tour in western New Zealand. The concert was performed in a wonderful huge forest. People were expecting to listen to a local group called “Lords of Swings”. We started out with a fusion tune based on New Zealand National Anthem. We raised our eyes to see the reaction and all the people were rushing away because our public was composed of fauns, goblins, trolls and one sheep! That was the end of the Modal Sound Trio (?). After coming back to Europe the drummer played some gigs in a Reggae/Metal band called “Joint me in Hell”, the bass player gigged in mean places forced to slap the bass and the faces of the clients, the guitar player sold his guitars to buy a windsurf. After two months we were all together and wrote this song to toast for the reunion, you can find some more details on the reunion in local papers!
A Weather Report inspiration floating in the air for a non-solo tune born on a loop-recorder device, with a drum machine and some 11th chords thrown here and there… The tune ends with a humble “cameo” dedicated to Frank Zappa the master.

I want to get you fired
We are not used to watch TV, so when the local church organised the showing of a film called “Saturday Night Liver”, (the splatter story of psyco-doctors slaughtering people in discos while dancing) we were so excited about that movie that we decided to search for some dancers. The scope of the action was playing “I want to get you fired” with some dancers who were supposed to follow all our movement on the instruments and record also the noise of the feet on the ground, the fall of the sweat on the microphones and the swear for all the feet stepped during the session. Too many stomp boxes and pedal effects on the ground for too many people in such a small room!!! This catastrophic jam (4 injured, 6 plastered legs, 4 strings broken) ended with a gigantic riot! Luckily the police saved the original tapes...
One day the bass player rushed into our rehearsal room proudly showing his new 5 string bass. This is how this tune was created: starting with very low notes, a Rhodes tone (which is perfect against these doom atmospheres), a Mike Stern guitar sound and influence, a free drumming and a long long solo!

Siberian evolution
We were searching for something different, for some new material and suddenly we were attracted by the time perception concept. We sat around a table and after a relevant amount of time thinking about new solutions, we decided for a poker game. After two hours we got the idea: why not playing something at the present time (now) which will be audible only in the future? Play now and being heard in the future, this was the incredible and extravagant idea. We liked the idea of the “time stretching”. We found out the typical string tone on our expanders and we recorded the first chords that you can actually hear on the cd (strumming the strings and the sound come after). We wanted to add some lyrics trying to explain the philosophy of our music, of our way of life, of the subjective perspective of our senses and the uncontrolled raising of the price of the onions, so we asked to a friend of ours with a dark and deep voice (think about Alberto Lupo for Italian readers, or Patrick Schwaize for all the foreigners) to read for us a text written on purpose for the recording which was titled “Time freed from the chain of plain brain against the grain”. We spent three hours with the guy explaining what we wanted to create with this song. He kept on nodding faster and faster and after a while he asked us to leave the rehearsal room to concentrate on the reading! We went out for a beer and a gnu stew... The guy was so “possessed” of this “present in the future and future in the present” concept that he listened to the music and started reading the booklet. Unfortunately two hours after the studio recording was closed. We did not have any additional money to spend so this was the final version! Luckily we managed to kick him in the ass (in the present and in the future as well)!!!
Ricocheting the fingers on the fret board from one chord to another and tapping around “a la recherche de l’accord perdu” we finally managed to write this tune inspired to the infinite genius of Allan Holdsworth with a central long solo section. The last part was originally different but the typical unwanted mistake (done in a “live performance”) turns the tune into something better (our subjective thought, of course).

Every respectable rock band has performed with an orchestra. We could not get out of doing it! We contacted several orchestras but they were very expensive and settled thousand of miles away from our studio. Finally we managed to find it. The conductor, as first job, ran a store specialised in renting shells for beach parties... “Business was not so good –he said– and I don’t understand why...”. First time we spoke together we had a very positive impact, so we decided to ask him if his orchestra composed of 132 elements was disposed to come to Italy and record a tune for us. He said “Yes, sure, how much do you pay?”. We mailed him the money we owned and he sent to Italy only 3 musicians: a gong player (without the gong and the big sticks), a contrabassoon player and a bass tuba player. Our mood was under our shoes, we hoped at least to have a cither player! We tried and tried and tried and tried for almost 15 minutes but the bass tuba player who was supposed to perform all the distorted parts, wanted to imitate Hendricks and tried to play the instrument with his teeth with the result of breaking his mouth and his smile, so we played the tune the way it is on the cd...
Prog is prog! Music that you can love and hate at the same time, but undoubtedly pregnant of charm. This is our small homage to the cause! Four different expanders and a synth bass device help us to make all that big noise in the tunes!

Problem called traffic
We experimented lots of different musical variations and instruments before writing down the “skeleton” of this tune. Once we organised the structure of the tune we used a state-of-the-art software called “give me your music and I return you the paradise” being able to take your music and turn into something completely different. We took all our chords, bass riffs and drum recording and inserted all these elements into the software, giving to the computer the hint to recreate a kind of John Cage-minimalist-concrete-abstract-conceptual sound. After three hours the result was the original soundtrack of “Lassie”. We gave up and left the tune as it is now!!!
A theme passing through our mind with a groovy drum beat , a deep bass and chords taking the single note refrain to some new harmonic pathways. Pianos by Kurtzweil and Roland GR33 expanders are quite good!

Robin’s revenge
During a trip to Zigonesia we were so lucky to meet guru “Butschawerifo”, known as the last of the Gulichans, the ancient tribe with special powers who were able to make trendy shoes using stones, clay and cottage cheese! Butschawerifo, being a clairvoyant, asked us about our conditions (a prophet?, a wizard? or it was for the hot meals that we asked him for free? We’ll never know…). We opened our thought to him and told him that we had lost our musical inspiration. He did not say anything for 10 minutes, just deeply staring in our eyes, after that huge amount of time he opened his wrinkled mouth and with a feeble voice declared "could you please repeat what you said as I’m a bit deaf..." After two hours conversation he gave us the famous “anti-corn shoes” and invited us to search for our inspiration in the Great Lake of the Robins. Three days tracking in jungles, forests and huge shoes stores finally reaching our destination. The lake was beautiful, no one was there, only a coco nuts seller and it was all surrounded by enormous trees filled with thousand of silent robins. The moment we started playing something we had these anti-aircrafts war machines dropping their lethal brown and white ammunitions against us!! We ended the tune rushing away from the lake!
A groovy bass breaks through the air followed by a “bouncing drum” and a bed of soft Rhodes chords. The solo is thought as an “hypothetical fight between Robin (Batman companion) against the evil (an Eagle??)” , the bass solo pumps up the mood taking the piece till the end where a friendly C9 announces that the composition is over.

Drop by drop
“Drop by Drop” was originally conceived as a musical spot for a perfume “YOU, ME, OUR LOVE, DROP BY DROP”. It did not work! We tried with all the perfume producers explaining that the song above mentioned had the perfect sound for their peculiar fragrances. We counted one hundred and twelve slammed doors, 25 pound of swearing, three eggs tossed against us and twenty-three rottweiler-dogs ready to bite our asses... But actually the last one we met gave us some clarification: “How can I buy a song dedicated to a Perfume that does not exist?”. Actually, he was right. We are now trying to produce that perfume. As a matter of fact we already have the song for the spot!
This is the last tune that was composed by MST and finished during the recording of this cd. A kind of trip-hop drum & bass rhythm with an astonishing Kurzweil piano tone at the beginning. Bass and drum are fundamental to pump up the tone.

Sittin’ at the shadow of a sycamore
We tried several times to send the first takes of this tune to INTERNATIONAL SPACE CENTERS because we really wanted to have our music in the space. After several months we have been informed that the sounds and the frequencies of the tune interfered with the alarm bell used to advise the workers that it was lunch time. The alarm bell rang 10 times in a day forcing the company to give 10 meals to a more than 224 people!! Not a great success for us, we gathered lots of suing for damages, but we decided to insert the song in this cd!!
Originally the tune started with some kind of percussion rhythm (thanks to the loyal Roland Gr33) and the guitar player improvising on G melodic minor but than we cut out this part and go directly to a sort of “Uzebish” atmosphere. A quiet ambience blocks the mess of the first minutes with 4 Fender Rhodes chords and a nice dynamic arising induced by the drum and bass slow pace. A slappy section takes the group into a swinging interpretation of the 4 chords, ending with a typical tacky reprise of the intro phrase.


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Vitto's gear

Vittorio Bonadei plays

•Sonor Drums (Sonorlite model)
•Tamburo snare drums
•Remo drumheads
•Ufip cymbals (Timo and Class)
•Zildjian cymbals (Avendis) with Pearl, Remo and Yamaha hardware
•Vic Firth sticks

Alberto's gear

Alberto Bigoni plays

•Fender Jazz, Ibanez, Status electric basses
•upright bass Steinberger NS
•double bass Reghin
•SWR bass amp
•T.C. Electronics C300 compressor
•SWR & Mark Bass cabinet
•BOSS stomp boxes (octaver, overdrive, tuner, synthesizer)
•“Die Hard” Proel cables
•Roland MIDI devices

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Rudy's gear

Rudy Corbetta plays

•Parker Fly Deluxe and Jackson guitars
•Mesa 20/20 power amp
•Mesa 200 w cabinet
•Fender and Peavey amps
•Roland gr-33, Kurweil, Yamaha and Emu Expanders
•Tc Electronic G major
•Yamaha UD stomp
•Marshall JPM1 preamp
•Hughes & Kettner Tubeman plus preamp
•Boss Metal Zone, Boss NS 2, Boss CC3, Ibanez TS9

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MST album 2008

M.S.T.: "We performed a live-in-studio recording in the 08/2007, with guitar bass and drums connected to MIDI expanders (invented more than 30 years ago and sometimes too underestimated, which day by day struggle to survive against pc and related plug-in). We daily work with computers which make our living and give us the money to buy equipment for our first hobby, and we know and understand the great opportunity given by the software applied to music, but this is something in which we are not interested in. What we really want is being able to play live what we record! Only one rule : no overdubs (mistakes included)."

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The Modal Sound directly from “Bergamo”, Italy

MTS” is an instrumental combo defined as a jazz-rock-prog band.

As a matter of fact the trio made up of synth-guitar player Rudy Corbetta (born in Mozzo-Bg in 1967), drummer Vittorio Bonadei from Castro-Bg (since May 2010, Vittorio was replaced by Marco Del Bello) and 4/5 strings bass player Alberto Bigoni born in 1978 in Ardesio-Bg, aspires to overcome the above mentioned definition. The self-explanatory name of the group indicates a musical direction tied up to modal “fragrance” with a modern and relevant harmonic approach enriched with an unconventional use of MIDI devices. Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and "Bitches of Brew" were and remain the pathways where the group musically walk and try to express its ideas. Modal Sound Trio music is made for the only purpose to "induce lycantropy in a Boy Scout" (Thanks Woody for the help even though the quote refers to the breast of a woman the protagonist met in a pub in his short novel "Getting Even").

The trio, born in 2002, is a mix and blend of miscellaneous musical experiences. The drummer Vittorio Bonadei played in several bands, ranging from rock bands (Space Cowboys) to a peculiar and famous marching drums and theatre project (Dadadang), till upbeat–tempos with ska bands. Bass player Alberto Bigoni, locally well known in Valle Seriana (a valley stretching on Bergamo territory) absorbed the lessons of young bass masters such as Flea, Les Claypool to end up with the study of the Masters Gary Willis and Victor Wooten. Rudy Corbetta used to play in a band called “Black Market Funky Group” clearly inspired to the fusion masters “Weather Report”. The variegated musical experiences take the tunes to a perfect blend of rock-fusion structures with jazz improvisations with clear influences to Uzeb, Henderson – Willis Tribal Tech, but also to the unrivalled vintage-groovy sound of Medeski Martin & Wood.

Modal sound trio performs and records live without any kind of loop or overdubs wizardry.

Different live experiences have been filed in MST musical curriculum.

Feel free to call the trio (contact) and join a real live fusion impact.