The Modal Sound directly from “Bergamo”, Italy

MTS” is an instrumental combo defined as a jazz-rock-prog band.

As a matter of fact the trio made up of synth-guitar player Rudy Corbetta (born in Mozzo-Bg in 1967), drummer Vittorio Bonadei from Castro-Bg (since May 2010, Vittorio was replaced by Marco Del Bello) and 4/5 strings bass player Alberto Bigoni born in 1978 in Ardesio-Bg, aspires to overcome the above mentioned definition. The self-explanatory name of the group indicates a musical direction tied up to modal “fragrance” with a modern and relevant harmonic approach enriched with an unconventional use of MIDI devices. Miles Davis "Kind of Blue" and "Bitches of Brew" were and remain the pathways where the group musically walk and try to express its ideas. Modal Sound Trio music is made for the only purpose to "induce lycantropy in a Boy Scout" (Thanks Woody for the help even though the quote refers to the breast of a woman the protagonist met in a pub in his short novel "Getting Even").

The trio, born in 2002, is a mix and blend of miscellaneous musical experiences. The drummer Vittorio Bonadei played in several bands, ranging from rock bands (Space Cowboys) to a peculiar and famous marching drums and theatre project (Dadadang), till upbeat–tempos with ska bands. Bass player Alberto Bigoni, locally well known in Valle Seriana (a valley stretching on Bergamo territory) absorbed the lessons of young bass masters such as Flea, Les Claypool to end up with the study of the Masters Gary Willis and Victor Wooten. Rudy Corbetta used to play in a band called “Black Market Funky Group” clearly inspired to the fusion masters “Weather Report”. The variegated musical experiences take the tunes to a perfect blend of rock-fusion structures with jazz improvisations with clear influences to Uzeb, Henderson – Willis Tribal Tech, but also to the unrivalled vintage-groovy sound of Medeski Martin & Wood.

Modal sound trio performs and records live without any kind of loop or overdubs wizardry.

Different live experiences have been filed in MST musical curriculum.

Feel free to call the trio (contact) and join a real live fusion impact.